(something I wrote during my trip to Venice back in January...) Coming in to land at Venice, it looked so small. A little toy village with canals snaking their way through. This was my first glimpse of a much-photographed and talked-about place. The colour palette - rich reds, dusty browns and caramel tones - combine... Continue Reading →

My Top 12 Badass Female Book Characters

I love strong characters in books. It's one of the main aspects that really draws me in. But I love strong female characters even more. Since I was a little girl, books and literature have been where I've found the majority of my role models. I looked up to certain characters and wanted to emulate... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, I know that some of you won’t have even noticed that I was M.I.A from this blog all throughout April and May! But unfortunately, university work/exams/dissertation just completely took over any spare time I had. Although I may have had time to write a quick blog post here and there, I really didn’t... Continue Reading →

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