My Favourite Podcasts

Hi everyone, I love a podcast. Especially when I'm going out for my walk in the morning. I wanted to write down a list of my favourite podcasts so hopefully you guys can get some good recommendations either if you're a podcast-lover and looking for something new, or you're looking to start to get into... Continue Reading →

My 5 Favourite Shakespeare Works

Hi guys, Following on from my "Top Tips for Reading Shakespeare" post (albeit a little late), I thought I would create a little list of some of my most favourite works by Shakespeare (in no particular order really, I don't think I could properly decide on that). So without further ado... #1 Othello Believed to... Continue Reading →

My Top Tips for Reading Shakespeare

Hi everyone, Since secondary school, I've really enjoyed reading Shakespeare's works even when most of my other classmates didn't. Of course, it can be fun but it can also be incredibly challenging. Although Shakespeare is regarded as one of the greatest writers ever, the way he uses language and strucutre is almost unrecognisable today. Today... Continue Reading →

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