10 Books on My TBR Pile

Hi everyone, I've recently moved back home from university and so a massive re-organising and clear out of all the books I somehow acquired over the years was definitely needed! I love organising my book shelves; you find so much that you forgot you had/never knew you had. Here's a list of 10 books that... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on: Victorian Novels

Hi everyone, I'm back again with another "Spotlight on:..." blog post! This time it's about my favourite Victorian novels and why I find reading books from the Victorian era so appealing. **I found that a lot of my favourite Victorian novels actually ended up being the same as my favourite Gothic Literature novels, so I've... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on: Gothic Literature

Hi everyone, Apologies for the rather large break between blog posts. University work has been draining me, but I've planned my next few days and organised myself slightly better so fingers crossed this won't happen again! Today I'm going to be writing my thoughts on one of my favourite genres of literature; Gothic fiction. As... Continue Reading →

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