The Last 10 Books Tag

Hi everyone, Today's post is going to be, not one, but two tags! I love doing tags so I was so happy to see that Amy @ A Fangirls Opinion had tagged me in these. I'm going to divide this blog post into two posts so without further ado. Let's begin with the first tag....... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Classic Literature Characters

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Today's post is going to be about my favourite characters from classic literature books. From heroes to villains and everything in between. Jo March (Little Women) I always wanted to be like Jo March growing up; the second eldest March sister, creative, strong-willed, independent and feisty. At a time when... Continue Reading →

July Wrap Up

Hi everyone, Today's post is going to be my July wrap-up of all the books I read in July. I had a really good reading month in July and read some amazing books! I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith A coming-of-age story set over the year 1937. Cassandra Mortmain keeps a journal, filling it... Continue Reading →

Spotlight On: Oscar Wilde

Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've written a "Spotlight On:..." post. Today's post is going to be all about the life of Oscar Wilde. As always, the post will be divided up into 6 different parts: 1. A little bit about their life 2. Their works I have read 3. Their works I... Continue Reading →

May Wrap Up

Hi everyone, Here's a quick (and very late) wrap up of the books I read in May. It was a very good reading month and, although I said I was just planning to read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books, I did manage to read a couple of extra books in between... Continue Reading →

Where To Start With Classics

Hi everyone, I thought today I would write a post on where I think is the best place to start with reading classics. If you've never read a "classic" book before and want to get into them, hopefully this should provide a good roadmap for you on how to get started. I've grown up reading... Continue Reading →

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