Victober TBR

Hi everyone, This is my first ever time participating in Victober (a month-long readathon for October) and I'm so, so excited! Victorian literature (any book published between the years of 1837 and 1901) is one of my favourite time periods to read from and I'm always looking to expand my reading selection. The readathon is... Continue Reading →

My Autumn Book Recommendations

Hi everyone, It's finally autumn! Though you wouldn't believe it in London - currently, I'm sitting outside writing this in 24 degrees Celsius with the sun shining. There's something melancholic about it, knowing that this may well be the last of the summer sun before long, dark nights of cold weather (and hopefully a little... Continue Reading →

August Wrap-Up

Hi everyone, I thought I'd start making my wrap-up's regular, monthly posts instead of doing individual book reviews. These wrap-up's are going to feature short, snappy reviews on the books I've read during the month. This month I read 5 books (not too shabby). The Travelling Bag and Other Ghostly Stories by Susan Hill The... Continue Reading →

August Favourites

Hi everyone, I can't believe that it's the last day of August! Though I'm sad to see summer go (I feel like I never truly enjoyed the summer days - we had some good weather, but work got in the way and I wasn't able to go on holiday), I'm so SO excited for autumn... Continue Reading →

Classics Authors I Really Want to Read

Hi everyone, Recently,  I've really been working on my book collection. My ultimate goal is to have the most beautiful editions of all my favourite books and typically, all my favourite books tend to be classics. Whilst researching some books that I wanted to buy, I came across so many that I hadn't read or... Continue Reading →

My Journey with Yoga

For a long time I had been (unhealthily) obsessed with being healthy. I never realised that the supposedly healthy things I was doing to my body were destroying my mental health in the process. The first time I ever practiced yoga was around 6 years ago. I had heard how popular it was; everyone was... Continue Reading →

March Favourites

I've finally gotten round to writing my (slightly belated) March favourites. What a lovely month March has been! We started to see the first signs of Spring; the flowers blooming and the sun poking out behind the clouds (honestly, it had got to the point in winter where I thought I would never see the... Continue Reading →

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