Spotlight On: George Orwell

Hi everyone, Here's the second installment of my "Spotlight On:..." blog post! If you haven't read my previous one and you want to learn out more about Mary Shelley and her life, you can find it here! This month's post focuses on one of my favourite, and probably most-read, authors; George Orwell. Like last time,... Continue Reading →

October Book Haul

Hi everyone, If you've read my previous book haul you would know that I went slightly overboard with my book buying that month. Even though it was my birthday and I received gifts/treated myself a bit more than I would have, even I admin it was an excessive amount of books for a month. This... Continue Reading →

September Wrap-Up

Hi everyone, Sorry that my wrap-up is a bit late this month! But I spent last weekend enjoying a lovely short break in Sussex and really wanted to dedicate all my time and enjoyment to that! I actually read all of the books on my September TBR (this is a first!) and I'm super proud... Continue Reading →

September Book Haul

Hi everyone, Hope everyone has enjoyed the first few days of autumn! Today I'm going to show you the books I bought and were gifted during the month of September. This might well be my biggest book haul I've ever done HOWEVER I would just like to say that it was my birthday in September,... Continue Reading →

24 Things for 24 Years

Hi everyone, Saturday 7th September was my 24th birthday. Apparently this is still young, though it feels kind of old to me haha. I wanted to write a quite post about the things I've learnt the past 24 years. So here it is...! #1 Learn to be independent and comfortable in your own company #2... Continue Reading →

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