My New Love: Overdrive

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is going to be me completely gushing about Overdrive and the Libby app and trying to convince you all to use it (if you don’t already!)

I wasn’t 100% sure how to use it when I first downloaded it so I’m hoping this post can be helpful as well if you’ve been thinking about downloading the Libby app. I can’t actually use the Libby app specifically on my Kindle that I have but I have been using and enjoying Overdrive. If you can download and use Libby, I would recommend doing that as I’ve heard it’s a lot more user friendly!

If you haven’t heard of Overdrive before, it’s essentially a subscription that your local libraries will sign up to. This allows you to get all the books at your library on your kindle/phone/tablet etc. You can borrow books, place books on hold, request books for your library to buy, borrow audiobooks and magazines. They have so many books on there (I’m always spoilt for choice!) This is such a great way to cut down on your booking buying and curb that habit of buying more and more books even though you’ve not read half of what you already own…

I started to get into Overdrive when the libraries in the UK closed (again) because of another lockdown back in January 2021. I downloaded the app because I had seen so many Booktubers talking about it, but I didn’t fall massively in love with it until I got used to using it. At first I thought it was quite glitchy and quite hard to navigate.

I believe most libraries use Overdrive so fingers crossed your library has signed up to it if you’re interested in using it!

First of all, you’ll need to download the Overdrive app (just do this how you would normally download apps onto your phone/kindle/tablet). Then open up the app and click “add library”. Search for your local library and then select the correct one. It will ask you to log in to your library using your library card number. Then click on the library’s name to enter your library and start browsing! You can browse by searching a title or an author. You can also search by books availalbe at that time, the most popular books at your library (or globally!) and new books added. My library also have “collections” that you can search through if you’re looking for a book from a particular genre.

Once you’ve found the book you want (or in my case, books), select borrow or hold depending on whether it’s available. You can then select the number of days you want to borrow the book for (I normally go for the maximum 21 days). You will then be prompted to download the file to your “bookshelf” on the Overdrive app. This is where you can find all the books you have borrowed. Once you’re done with the book, you just return it from your bookshelf! If you don’t finish it in the time you borrowed the book for, it will automatically return to the library. It’s as easy that that 🙂

The Reasons I Love Overdrive

#1 As I mentioned before, the main reason that I downloaded the Overdrive app and fell in love with it was because of the lockdown. I still wanted to read books and support my local library but as the libraries were closed, I couldn’t do this. Overdrive gave me the option to keep doing this 🙂

#2 I love that there are so many options to choose from! Whatever genre of book you like, if you want to try out an author for the first time, if you want to read the entire catalogue of your favourite author, if you want to try the bestseller out at the moment… I completely understand that different libraries will have different access to certain books. My library is quite good and generally has a really good selection. They also get the newest books in quite quickly and are quite responsive to me requesting them to buy various books for me to borrow.

#3 I love that you can put books on hold. I know you can also do this at the library, but I love that adding books to my hold allows me to see all the books I’m requesting to borrow. It also shows you a really helpful countdown to how long it should be (roughly) until your book becomes available.

#4 You can also favourite books and add them to your wish list! I have absolutely gone overboard with this and have a list longer than my book wishlist now haha.

#5 The books are also available in various formats so you can hopefully find the certain format that you need for your device. I think Overdrive is also compatible with most devices (unlike Libby).

#6 You don’t need wifi to access the books you have borrowed as long as you have downloaded them and they are in your bookshelf on Overdrive! This is great as it means I can take my kindle to the park and read and is very useful for travelling.

Let me know if you’ve used Overdrive or the Libby app before?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë x

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