April Favourites

Hi everyone,

We’ve come to the end of April and I can’t believe we’re already nearly halfway through the year.

Lockdown restrictions started to be eased in the UK this month which I definitely had mixed feelings about. On one hand, it was nice to be able to see my family and friends again (socially-distanced and outside), but on the other hand it made me feel quite anxious seeing large groups of people in bars and pubs. Seeing my parents again after five months was definitely my most favourite thing to happen this month. Of course it doesn’t feel the same as it did before; I don’t know if things will feel normal for quite a while but it made me feel very happy. The pubs, restaurants, shops, libraries, gyms and hairdressers are now open after what feels like an age. Next month, if all goes well, social distancing will end for us in the UK after over a year. It feels like things are going in the right direction for us here, but I don’t want to jinx it. I know this is not the case for a lot of countries right now and I really am thinking of you all and hoping that you’re keeping safe and healthy.

Besides lockdown restrictions being eased, April was the month that I started a new job. I had been unemployed for 3 months after losing my job to redundancies caused by covid. It felt great to finally have some sort of routine in place again and, although it was nice to relax a bit more during unemployment, I did feel like I couldn’t fully relax because of the pressure of needing to find a new job. Honestly, finding employment again has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I feel very lucky that it turned out well for me.

Although I started a new job this month and things have been slightly more hectic than they have been previously, I’ve still been enjoying finding time to work on honing my skills and enjoying more hobbies. If you’ve read my blog before, you might know that I studied French at university and have always tried to maintain a regular and consistent routine of practising my language skills. With French, I’ve always found that my listening skills are the worst (seems to be a theme across all the languages as, even in English, I find my listening skills to be shocking and I’m always getting song lyrics wrong). I decided that, this month, I wanted to dedicate more time to practising my listening skills. Besides listening to French music and the French news (which I’ve done since university), I recently discovered the wonderful world of learning languages via Youtube. This month, I’ve really been loving Piece of French‘s Youtube channel. The channel is run by Elsa, a native French speaker. She creates fun, interactive and creative videos that really help you to practise your French listening skills. It feels like you’re just having a conversation with her about all sorts of random topics. I’ve been loving watching a video each night and I definitely feel like my listening skills are slowly starting to improve.

April was also the month of my first ever buddy read. I read Hunger by Roxane Gay with Ely @ Earl Grey Books. I really enjoyed reading this book with someone else. It was great to share our thoughts and opinions on the book and even helped me to understand certain things a bit more. Especially with a book like Hunger, it’s always interesting to hear different viewpoints.

That’s everything I loved in the month of April! I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ve been thinking for a while about changign the layout of my monthly favourites posts. I want them to feel more like a chat and a discussion rather than just a bullet point list of everything I’ve loved. Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë x

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  1. Congrats on your new job, Zoë! 🎉 And you bet I will be checking out those French recommendations of yours! For me, though, listening is never as much of a problem with foreign languages as speaking. I actually understand French pretty well, but when someone tries to talk to me, I pretty much just stare at them and open and close my mouth like a goldfish 😅🤣 But listening a lot definitely helps with speaking as well, so I’m always super thankful for recommendations 😊

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  2. HUGE congrats on the new job! YAY!✨One of my goals this year was to work on my French, I’ve been using Duolingo (that pesky owl haunts me!) but I’ve been looking for something a little different and your YouTube recommendation is perfect!! I hope you have a great May! 🥰✨

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