Why I Enjoy Re-Reading Books

Hi everyone,

I seem to be in this period of my reading life where all I want to do is re-read books. Either re-read books that I’ve read recently and just want to experience again, or childhood favourites that I want to re-read in pursuit of that old feeling of nostalgia.

I’ve previously written a post on why I love re-reading childhood classics specifically but today I’m going to be discussing why exactly I love re-reading books in general.

You can discover new things every time you re-read a book. Things that you may have missed before. Perhaps you’re able to read the book with a new perspective on things. I think that re-reading a book can be just as exciting and illuminating the first time that you read it. Re-reading a book at a different place or time in your life can give you a completely different experience of that book. As we grow, our tastes change, our priorities change and what we take from the books will be likely to change as well.

Sometimes I will re-read specific parts of books because they evoked a particular emotion for me. I often make a note of passages in books that I find particularly beautiful either in description or sentiment and I love to re-visit these either when I’m feeling down to perk me up OR to inspire certain feelings of inspiration in me. For example, when I was in school and going through exam period, I would often re-read passages from Harry Potter where they talked about taking exams. This made me feel more relaxed and was something I could relate to at the time.

Re-reading a book can feel like a reunion with a treasured memory or treasured friends. I suppose this comes into the idea of finding nostalgia and warm memories within books. I always think that items can carry special importance and meaning to us and books are no exception to this!

When you re-read books you have previously loved, you go into it knowing that you’re (most likely!) going to enjoy reading it a second time. There are so many books out there and we have so much choice on what to read that it can be a little daunting. At least when re-reading a book you know exactly what you’re getting in to. In terms of knowing you’ll enjoy a book, I find re-reading really helpful when I feel like I’m in a reading slump. Reading a book that you know you love can really help me to find the motivation to read when I maybe don’t feel like it (although I love reading, this can be sometimes happen).

Do you re-read books? If so, what are your reasons for re-reading books?

Thanks for reading!

Love, ZoΓ« x

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  1. I also love to reread, and my rereading actually increases during exam time, too! But that’s just because I usually forbid myself to read any new books then, because if the book gets too good, I won’t be able to stop reading and neglect my studying πŸ˜… Buy since I’ll already know what happens in a reread, taking breaks is much easier. And sometimes I’ll only reread my favorite parts for relaxation, too, though I wouldn’t necessarily use exam scenes πŸ˜‚ I think those would just freak me out more!

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