September Favourites

Hi everyone,

We’ve come to that time of the month again where I get to talk about all the things I’ve been loving in the past month.

I think I say this every month but September really has gone by so quickly. I feel like I’ve blinked and we’re now only one day away from October! So much has happened this month and that’s kind of reflected in my favourites list. Normally I watch a lot (and I mean a lot) of TV and films however, this month I’ve started back at work after 6 months off on furlough (I feel very lucky to still have a job to go back to for the moment) and so I’ve not been able to watch as many films/TV. I’ve still had a great month and hope you did too! Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been loving this month.



Stepmom is a film that I’ve always seen featuring on various “best autumn films” lists. The film is made and set in the 90s and that’s definitely one of the reasons that I loved it. It’s also set in New York in autumn and made me feel so warm and cosy inside. It’s got a great cast, starring Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts playing Jackie and Isabel. The story follows Isabel who gets engaged to Luke, a recent diverocee. Isabael makes an effort to keep his children happy however they are determined to not get along. Luke’s ex-wife, Jackie, hates Isabel. When Jackie gets diagnosed with cancer, this whole dynamic changes.

From that synopsis you’d probably think it’s a sad film to watch and although there are sad moments, the film is so heart-warming (and the soundtrack is great!)

Stepmom (1998 film) - Wikipedia


This film came out in 2019 and I only just got round to watching it this month. You’ve probably all seen this film or at least heard about it. It follows Jack, a musician struggling to make ends meet, has an accident during a blackout and wakes to find that he is the only person who remembers The Beatles. He begins to sing the band’s songs. The film is directed by Danny Boyle (who also directed Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire). However, the film is nothing like his usual work; it’s light-hearted, fun, and really makes you remember just how many great songs The Beatles had (or at least it did for me as I don’t tend to listen to them that much!)

Yesterday (2019 film) - Wikipedia

Some other films I watched this month were: The Devil All the Time (Netflix), Mulan, and Practical Magic.


Des (ITV)

If you live in the UK then you would have heard of Des; it was absolutely huge and so talked about. It’s based on real life events in the 80s in London. Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay is called to a North London address where he discovers the drains clogged with human remains. Within the first five minutes of the show, Dennis Nilsen returns from work and freely admits that he killed around 15 or 16 people. The police race to secure a conviction and identify his victims, as well as trying to understand his motives. The show is a lot more focused on the psychology of him and his motives rather than committing the crimes themselves.

Nilsen is played by David Tennant who never disappoints and I think this might be his best role yet! It’s also spooky how similar he looks to him. The show is slightly gruesome as it is aout a serial killer, so if you’re not up for that then perhaps not the best show for you.

ITV commissions three part drama, Des - with David Tennant as Dennis Nilsen

Strike: Lethal White (BBC)

This is the 4th installment in the Strike series by Robert Galbraith (or JK Rowling) that has been adapted by BBC. I’ve loved all 3 of the previous seasons and this was no exception. This was probably the season I found the most confusing, with different storylines all jumbling together and then finally unravelling to give the viewer the answers. However, as always, the story did come to a good conclusion. As you can tell from this month’s favourites post, I love watching crime TV programmes and Strike has been one of my favourites for ages. I also love watching Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger on screen together.

Strike: Lethal White cast and episodes from the BBC One drama | TV |  TellyMix


Headspace app

Thanks to my boyfriend I’m now able to use Headspace and I love it! Headspace specialises in meditation but also has a huge array of other things to listen to (e.g. sounds, music, sleep stories…) to calm you down. My favourite time to practice meditation is before bed. I love to turn off all the lights and just light a candle. I then wrap up in a blanket and use the app to meditate. Headspace has a good selection of meditations to choose from (whatever mood you’re in). I also love their sleep stories which change every day and every single time I’ve listened to one, I’ve fallen asleep before it’s even finished (that’s a good thing! They’re supposed to calm you down and make you feel asleep). If you have problems with sleep then I would definitely recommend the app just for those alone.

Mindspo: Freedom from Uncertainty Challenge

I have followed Rochelle Fox on Instagram for a while now and noticed that she had started up a new free 10-day Mindspo challenge about facing uncertainty and how to navigate all these emotions uncertainty can make us feel. I loved it and it’s really inspired me to meditate more, journal more and practice breathwork. I took part in all 10 days and, at the point where I did it, I wasn’t back at work, so it was lovely to have something to commit to and schedule in for my day. Definitely take a look at Mindspo if you’re looking to get into meditation.

Greenwich Comedy Festival

For the first time in 7 months, I was able to go to a live event and watch some comedy. This is the second time that I’ve been to the Greenwich Comedy Festival and this year it did feel different; you sit in pairs and within your own square, there’s also an app where you order your food and drink, it’s outdoors (so we had to wrap up warm!), and there’s one-way systems in place. This is no great shakes as it seems to be the new normal in most places and I was just grateful to be out and at an event. I had such a great evening and I hope we’ll get more of this “normality” back as we go through the year.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë xx

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  1. It’s good that you could hit up a festival and get out! I’m going to a pumpkin patch this weekend and I swear it’s been months since I’ve done anything I’ve never been so excited to go see pumpkins 🙂

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