My Favourite Booktubers

Hi everyone,

Following on from my last post on my favourite podcasts, I thought I would write a blog post on my favourite booktubers.

I feel like booktube was the real impetus for me to start my own blog. I never felt confident enough to have a Youtube channel but I loved writing as a medium to get my thoughts down on paper, so it seemed like the natural choice to choose blogging over that!

I still watch booktube religiously (probably on my 4th or 5th year of loving it!). So here’s my favourite booktubers in no particular order…

#1 The Book Castle

Alice of The Book Castle lives in Oslo, Norway and when she’s not posting book hauls, wrap-ups and reading vlogs, she films some amazing vlogs of trips around Norway.

I feel like Alice’s reading tastes and mine are very similar so I can always be sure to get good recommendations from her!

#2 SavidgeReads

Probably top of everyone’s list is Simon at SavidgeReads purely because you can get so many amazing recommendations from his in-depth and informative videos. I love that he shows a lot of his personality in his videos as well; it makes him much more relatable and fun!

#3 lucythereader

Lucy probably has the most similar taste in books as me as all of the booktubers mentioned. She loves classics, particularly books written during the Victorian period. Her message is really that classics can be for everyone and there’s no such thing as not being “intelligent” enough to read, understand and enjoy them. Her reviews and wrap-up’s are very in-depth and she has a fantastic knowledge of all things classic literature.

#4 Lauren and the Books

Lauren might well be the loveliest booktuber ever. Her videos are so fun and informative. I love watching her videos in the morning when I’m getting ready as it feels like I’m having a chat with a friend. She has amazing, creative ideas around her reading and her videos (e.g. her Cosy Reading Nights which are fantastic!) I also love the little cameos from he boyfriend, David (who also has a channel!)

#5 Codie’s Book Corner

I love watching Codie’s reading vlogs; they’re so cosy and warming. She lives in Edinburgh which is pretty much a dream of mine to move there so it’s great to see little snippets of the city in her videos. Our book tastes are slightly differently, however I have got some great recommendations from her and I find her videos fun to watch!

#6 Charles Heathcote

Charlie has such a wide range of book tastes that it’s near impossible to not get some good recommendations from him. He also writes his own books which I love hearing about the process of doing so. His videos are so informative and he uploads regularly so you’ll never be without a video to catch up on.

#7 Ciara Foster

I’ve only just started watching Ciara’s videos but so far, so good! Her recent video on the books she wants to read this Autumn really helped me to think of my own list of books I also want to read. I also love that she’s into yoga (I’m pretty sure she’s also a yoga teacher) so her channel really does combine two of my favourite things; books and yoga!

#8 Jess McGlynn

Jess is also a new booktuber that I’ve started watching. She’s a mother of two and her family vlogs are so lovely. She reads some fantastic books and her channel is full of great recommendations. She also comes across really great on camera and like a friend you’d want to have a book catch-up with.

Who are your favourite booktubers? I’m always looking for new people to watch with even more diverse reading tastes so it would be great if you could recommend some booktubers you love in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë xx

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