March Favourites

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is going to talk through some of my favourites for the month of March.

Just a quick disclaimer, but this month’s favourites are probably going to feature a lot of films/TV shows because that seems to be what I’m spending most of my time doing in the middle of a lockdown.


I’ve recently been enjoying watching crime/thriller TV programmes. I’ve binge-watched series such as Liar (ITV) and Happy Valley (Netflix) over the past month and I’ve enjoyed them both immensely.

Liar is about Laura, a teacher, and Andrew, a surgeon, who go on a date together. The morning after the date Laura realises that something is very wrong and slowly her memory of the night before starts to come back to her. It turns out that this reputable, responsible and successful surgeon has raped Laura (and countless other women) and Laura sets out to prove his guilt. The season finale will be shown next week!

Happy Valley centres around a police sergeant played by Sarah Lancashire investigating seemingly small-scale cases in a Yorkshire town. As each series progresses, you gradually realise that these cases aren’t small but have huge consequences for everyone in the village. It’s gripping, tense and dramatic and a perfect escapism watch!

Other TV shows I’ve been enjoying are Noughts + Crosses (BBC) and Malory Towers (also on BBC). Both of which are based on popular books.

Noughts + Crosses is based on the books by Malorie Blackman. I never read these books when I was growing up but I knew they were very popular and I knew the general gist of the storyline. The series is dystopian fiction set in a parallel universe where native African people had colonised European countries, rather than the other way around. Although during the time of these books slavery has been abolished, segregation and raacism are still massively prevalent in society. It’s such an interesting and thought-provoking watch that it’s really made me want to read the books.

Malory Towers is based on the series by Enid Blyton and I remember absolutely loving these books as a child! This is definitely a children’s TV show, however, that nostalgic innocence is exactly what I need in the current climate. The story is about Darrell Rivers who attends boarding school Malory Towers located in picturesque Cornwall with towering cliffs and the wild sea below. Darrell Rivers has a hot temper that she struggles to keep under control, resulting in lots of mischief during her time at Malory Towers.

I’ve also really been enjoying the return of The Great British Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer. It’s the most wholesome Tuesday-night watch and the celebrities on it are great fun!


As I mentioned before, I’ve been watching a lot of films this past month. I’m going to talk about a couple of my absolute favourites and then list the rest I’ve watched.

One of my favourite films this month was Emma, based on the Jane Austen book. I knew I would love this film when I first saw the trailer. Number 1, it’s based on one of my favourite Jane Austen novels and number 2, it has an absolutely incredible cast. The film (and book) follows the life of Emma Woodhouse. Emma Woodhouse is arguably one of the most well-known Austen characters and perhaps the most controversial. She is nosy, feisty, misguided, and always thinks she knows best. The portrayal of Emma in this film is spot-on and exactly how I imagined her from reading the book. I loved that the film was divided into four different time frames based on the seaosons and I loved that this was further hinted through the cinematography and costume. This might be my favourite Emma adaptation.


Another of my favourite films this month was Blinded by the Light, so much so that I even added it to my favourite films to watch when I’m feeling down list. The film as about Javed, a Pakistani teenager growing up in Luton in England. Here he experiences racism daily and often feels out of place. As a release, he writes poetry and, when a classmate introduces him to the music of Bruce Springsteen, his life is changed forever. Before watching this film I didn’t even really think I loved Bruce Springsteen – I knew who he was and knew a few of his songs – however, this film has introduced me to him all over again and I felt like I was listening to him for the first time with Javed. It’s such a heart-warming and comforting film that is full of joy.

blinded by the light

Some other films I watched this month were: The Peanut Butter Falcon, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Colette, A Guide to Second Date Sex, and Tolkien. All of which were amazing and I enjoyed them all massively. I’ve really been loving sitting down in the evening and choosing a film to watch. This lockdown has definitely given me more time to focus on another passion of mine.

Other Favourites

This month I’ve started to get into embroidery. I must have had a sixth-sense that something drastic was going to happen in the world because early in the month I stocked up on some embroidery patterns and materials to try. I’ve always wanted to get into embroidery (primarily because I want to start making my own t-shirts one of these days, but more on that another time) and, although my first pattern took me hours, I thoroughly enjoyed it, found it very relaxing and a way to be creative. It took me right back to studying and practising for my textiles GCSE many years ago.

I’ve been really impressed with how well libraries and other book resources are coping with the current climate. Though my local library shut a couple of weeks ago, they made it very clear that anyone with a membership could borrow as many audiobooks and e-books as they liked. This has opened up a whole new world for me really and I’ve got a whole list of audiobooks and e-books I want to borrow from them! I think it’s great that my libary offer this service as it means I’m not missing out on the library experience and finding new books to read whilst I’m not buying any books this year (3 months in and still going strong!)

Related to this is Scribd. I had heard of Scribd before (mainly through booktubers advertising it) but I could never justify signing up for it. This month, Scribd offered a free membership to people so that people could still listen to audiobooks and e-books. Since then, I would definitely consider paying for Scribd after this as they have such a wonderful collection of audiobooks and e-books. My favourites to listen to are the whole host of Agatha Christie mysteries they have on there – they’re quick and easy to listen to and they keep my attention which is very important as this is my first foray into audiobooks.

The current climate has definitely encouraged me to get more into exercise. As I’m no longer commuting every day, I have a lot more energy and time to be active. Though my favourite way to do this is going for walks, yoga and Blogilates workouts, I’ve recently started to get into Couch to 5k. I started Couch to 5k at the beginning of the year however I really wasn’t motivated to do it and did minimal amounts of running each week. This month seems to have given me a push to do more and I’m gradually starting to enjoy my 2-3 runs per week. I’ve also definitely noticed an improvement in my fitness levels. Whereas before I would struggle to run 60 seconds without getting incredibly out of breath, I’ve now increased that to upto 3 minutes of running time. If you don’t know what Couch to 5k is, it’s a 9-week programme which encourages you to do 3 runs per week. Each week  follows a different running to walking ratio as the programme gradually builds your fitness level up to running for a whole 30 minutes. At the moment, I can’t possibly imagine myself running for 30 minutes but then again, in the beginning I could never have imagined running for 3 minutes!

Those were my favourites for March. I’m hoping to make April as fun and enjoyable as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë xx



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