Tips for working from home (when you’re not self-employed!)

Hi everyone,

The past week I’ve been thrown into a new territory of working from home (as I’m sure a lot of people have!)

I always thought that I would do well working from home – I’m self-motivated, have strong willpower and don’t procrastinate often. However, this past week I’ve realised this has not been the case and I’ve really been struggling with motivation and how to structure my day to the point where I realise I’ve been sat down on my bed for the past hour and have just been looking at my phone and staring into space. Not good for a productive day.

I wanted to put together some tips that I’m trying this week to improve my working from home skills and hopefully they will also help some of you too!

#1 Use the time you would normally commute to do something productive

This is a mistake that I’ve made during this first week of working from home. Where I would normally spend an hour and a half commuting to work, these days I’m spending an hour and a half being unproductive, watching Youtube videos and laying on my bed, even though I’m still waking up at the same sort of time as I normally would! This week I’m going to try and spend my hour and a half every morning  being productive, whether that’s going for a run, a walk, doing some yoga and meditation, painting, writing, reading etc.

#2 Structure your day

Like you would any day at work, structure your day. I know this is going to be quite difficult for me at the moment as I work in the event organising industry it’s quite up in the air and unpredictable with what’s going to happen. This week I’m going to try and plan my days as best I can to make sure I get the most out of them. And that also includes scheduling in things I enjoy as it’s really important to relax and look after your mental health.

#3 Take regular breaks

Make sure you take breaks, the same if not more breaks that you would normally take whilst at work. It’s very easy whilst working from home to forget about breaks or take a shorter lunch break. Don’t. Though your breaks may seem less important while you’re working from home (you’re already sitting in your comfy clothing…at least I am!) they’re still just as important for mental well-being and maintaining motivation.

#4 Make sure you have a dedicated office space

This is something that  I’ve found very difficult the past week. There’s now three people working from home in a small space. It’s difficult to have a set space for working if you’re constantly getting in the way of your family members going on with their lives. I have been guilty this week of working from my bed and that’s a bad idea! You need to have a distinction between a relaxing space and a working space otherwise the two become muddled and you’re unable to relax in a space you normally could.

#5 Remember to socialise

Working from home can be quite isolating and though I always thought I would enjoy being my own boss and managing my own time, I have found the change significant. I’m very lucky that my company are aware of the possible effects that this sudden change to working from home may have on our mental wellbeing so there’s always video conference calls organised as well as emailing and messaging.

#6 Remember to end your day with a routine

Just as my evening commute would signal the end of the day to me, you need to make sure you do something at home that signals to your brain that worktime is over and it’s time to relax. For me, this is switching off the laptop and my work phone and doing some yoga or going outside for a walk (if you are able to).

What are your top tips for working from home?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë xx


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