Things to do when you’re stuck at home

Hi everyone,

At the moment I know a lot of you will be staying at home for the next couple of weeks like me, as well as working from home for the foreseeable future.

It’s my second day of being in the house and I’m already starting to get a bit agitated – I’m normally fine spending time indoors, but there’s something about being told I can’t go outside that’s making me stare wistfully out of the window at the sunlight, trees blowing in the breeze, desperately wanting to go outside and experience that.

I thought I would compile a list of fun things you can do when you’re stuck at home (besides watching TV and bingeing Netflix shows). I’m writing this list for my benefit just as much as anyone else’s as I really feel like I need to be productive in order to look after my mental health and not go into a slump.

#1 Read

Perhaps the most obvious option here but now’s the perfect time to sit down and read all those books that you haven’t, to get started on your TBR shelf, and even to read that scary-looking big book you’ve been putting off for a while. If you need any further tips on reading big books then check out my last post here!

#2 Yoga

After reading, yoga is probably my second favourite thing to do whilst at home. There are so many videos on Youtube where you can watch yoga flows and join in. The yoga community on Youtube is so lovely and it always feels so rewarding afterwards. There are so many benefits of an at-home yoga practice and now’s the perfect time to get started! Some of my favourite yogis on Youtube are: Yoga with Adriene, Cat Meffan, Jessica Olie, Livingroom Yoga, Mara Cimatoribus, Yogi in Melbourne, and Yoga by Candace.

#3 Work out

Closely related to at-home yoga is at-home workouts. I know I get really agitated if I’m not moving around too much so staying active is very important for me. There are so many workout options that you can find either via Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest… Just do a quick Google or Youtube search and I’m sure you’ll find something you love! I enjoy Blogilates workouts on Youtube.

#4 Paint

Being stuck at home can often feel suffocating so you definitely need a way to let out your creativity and to express yourself. I love to paint with watercolours. I find a lot of inspiration for painting on Pinterest.

#5 Spring clean

You know all those tasks that you tell yourself every weekend you should do but somehow never have the time to actually do them? Well now’s the chance to get them done! Spring clean your wardrobe, deep-clean the house, sort your cupboards out, declutter your room. I started on this yesterday and my mind felt instantly calmer.

#6 Write

Write about everything and anything! Start writing a story,  write a diary entry every day about your thoughts and feelings… One day, there will be books about this time and your writing could be the first. Or, with all those extra books you’re going to be reading, start writing book reviews on Goodreads.

#7 Start a blog

Closely related to writing is starting your own blog. If you love reading blogs and have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, it’s the perfect opportunity. There’s nothing to lose and people need entertainment and your voice more than ever! Follow your interests. Whether that be reading, exercise, food, lifestyle… you can never go wrong if you write about what you love. If you do have any blog recommendations then please let me know, I’d love to read more!

#8 Bake

Though I love baking, I never actually find the time to do it. Not because baking has to take ages but because I find the whole process quite time-consuming – the preparation, the baking, the tidying… But of course the end result is normally worth the trouble! There’s always some amazing recipes on Pinterest!

#9 Call friends and family

Though I am a self-confessed introvert, we all need to make sure that we don’t completely turn into hermits and block off everyone and anything. Call, text and Facetime your friends and family regularly.

#10 Meditation

With so much information and negativity bombarding us constantly through the news and social media, it can be a very overwhelming time and we don’t quite know who to listen to or what we should be doing. It is very important to take time each day to completely shut out the noise and a perfect way of doing this is to meditate. Once again, there are so many meditation tutorials and sessions on Youtube. However, meditation doesn’t have to take the form of a guided Youtube session. It could simply be sitting down for 5 minutes, listening to some calming music and sipping on tea. As long as you’re completely focused on what you’re doing , your emotions and feelings and are not getting distracted by everything around you.

#11 Spend time in nature (if you can!)

This one might be a bit difficult for some of you as we’re being told to self-isolate and therefore not to go out and avoid all non-essential travel. If you do have a garden, maybe spend 30 minutes sitting outside and appreciating nature. We’re slowly coming into Spring so, despite all this bad news, the Earth is coming alive again – the blossoms are blooming, the flowers are beginning to bud, the sun is shining (occassionally!), the breeze is getting warmer, the April Showers have started in March, and the bees and insects are coming alive again. There are so many beautiful things in nature at the moment. I like to take my morning coffee outside with me and enjoy the weak morning sun.

#12 Learn

The Open University has over 1000 free courses online. You can study Astronomy, Psychology, Literature, Languages, Geography, Business… Anything you can think of, they have a free course on it! There’s so many courses on there that I’m interested in learning about. It’s so important to keep the brain active, to keep your mind working and distracted from other, more negative topics, to learn new things and make good use of all this new free time.

All their courses can be found here

I hope this list helps anyone who is stuck at home and beginning to get bored or wonder what to do with their time. Though I have tried to make this list as productive as possible, there’s no shame in spending a whole day in bed watching Netflix haha! It’s all about balance!

Stay safe and thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë xx


6 thoughts on “Things to do when you’re stuck at home

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  1. I actually never thought about The Open University. That’s a really great idea because I do honestly miss actively studying and it would be nice to do when I’m not in the mood for all my other things.

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  2. Great list. I think I got rid of my watercolors, a fact I’m kicking myself for now. I haven’t painted in years and thought I’d never need them. Joke’s on me. 🙂

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