I Have Never DNF’d a Book

Hi everyone,

I love reading blog posts and watching Youtube videos about the books people are DNFing. Mainly because that gives me some idea as to their thoughts on the book, the pace of the book and whether I should pick it up for myself.

Which got me thinking, although I find the topic really helpful, I’ve never actually DNF’d a book. Ever. In my life. And maybe I should…

There are so, so many books out there that I want to read and I always panic that I’ll never have enough time in my life to read them all. So why shouldn’t I be more selective about the books I choose to spend my time on?

I love the power that DNFing can give you – you literally hold the power in your hands to decide what receives your attention and what doesn’t. It’s a form of empowerment, and yet I don’t take that opportunity.

I’ve racked my brains to think of some reasons why I don’t do this, and here they are!

#1 Too much willpower

I think perhaps I might have a little too much persistence and willpower. I’ve always been very strong-willed, even as a child. And, even as a child, I would always finish the book I was reading. If I get half-way through a book and realise that I’m not really connecting with the characters or the plotline, I’ll always think “oh, let me just give it another 100 pages to see if it picks up a little”. And before I know it, I’ve reached the end of the book. Although persistence is a good trait to have in life, maybe not so much in this case and maybe I’ve too forgiving to these books. I’m definitely a perfectionist and the thought of stopping something that I’ve started halfway through fills me with nervousness.

#2 That feeling of finishing a book

I love the feeling of closing the final page of a book and feeling a sense of achievement that you’ve been on a whole journey and are now coming to the end. Even when I was younger, I never used to read multiple books at the same time simply because I loved that linear process of choosing a book, starting a book, finishing a book, choosing another one.

#3 I spend a long time picking and choosing my books

I spend a long time (some would say too much time) picking and choosing the books that I want to dedicate my time to. I know what kind of books I like. I know what to look out for in a plot, characters, setting, writing style. I’m always open to trying new things and branch out a bit more with my reading, but ultimately, even reading the blurb of a book that’s a little different for me I can still always pick out aspects that I know I’ll enjoy. If the blurb of a book doesn’t give me anything at all, no indication in the slightest that I’ll enjoy it, then I’ll simply not pick it up.

Do you DNF books? Does it work for you?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë xx


12 thoughts on “I Have Never DNF’d a Book

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  1. I’m here to report that it gets easier with practice! 😂 I can really relate to #1…. persistence and never giving up and stubbornness are some of my strongest traits! You’ve inspired me to write my own post on this topic! I’ll link back to you!

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  2. I am a big DNF person. If I don’t enjoy a book after 50 pages I am putting it down and passing it along to a friend or donating it. While I have not needed to DNF in some time, I have no problem or guilt that comes along with it because I want reading to be fun and enjoyable and if a book isn’t giving that to me it isn’t worth it for me. I totally respect the willpower that it takes to stick with a book and push through though.

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  3. I am someone who does DNF books but mine go into one of two piles, “soft DNFs” (books I am willing to pick back up at a later date), or “hard DNFs” (those I’m definitely not willing to finish). I have to have this system because I know that part of my enjoyment of a book is always tied to my reading mood and when I read it.

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