How To Spend 3 Days in Lake Bled

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently returned home after a trip to Lake Bled in Slovenia. My boyfriend and I spent 3 days in this alpine region, taking in the sights, spending time in nature, and relaxing.

I had never visited Slovenia before so this trip was very exciting for me.

Getting There

The flight from London Gatwick to Ljubljana took just under 2 hours flying with easyjet.

From Ljubljana airport, we booked a transfer via and the journey took 30 minutes. I had never used this company before so was worried that we’d arrive to the airport and no one would be there to pick us up. Thankfully our driver was early so there was no need to worry! Although the transfer was relatively expensive (£73) it was one of the cheapest I could find and, as we were arriving into Ljubljana quite late, we didn’t really want to deal with public transport (and I believe the public transport route to Lake Bled is quite complicated).

Once at Lake Bled, everything is pretty much close together so you are able to walk everywhere. And walking everywhere is definitely the right way to go about it! Some of the hikes can be a bit tiring, but the views are definitely worth it.


To Stay

We stayed at the Rikli Balance Hotel, which has its own swimming pool complex and spa. The hotel has a really great, central location with a fantastic breakfast (all included in the price) and several swimming pools open until late, which are perfect for spending the evening or a before-bed swim.

I booked this hotel through, and although there was an issue upon arrival with communicating my booking to the hotel, all was resolved and the trip carried on with minimal stress.


To Do

Walk around the lake – it takes around 2 hours (on average) to walk around the perimeter of the lake. It actually took us the whole day to do this, as we often got sidetracked, wandering up hills, going to check out the view, and stopping for a beer along the way. The lake is absolutely beautiful and, believe me, you’ll want to stop after every 10 steps and take even more photos. It’s also the cheapest thing you can do in Bled, and probably the most rewarding.


Visit Bled Island – we took the hydroboat to visit Bled Island. There are several different points around the lake where you can hop on a boat, or even hire your own rowing boat and make your own way there. The hydroboat cost 12 euros per person for a return trip. When we arrived on the island we were told by the boat driver that we had 1 hour to walk around the island. And that was definitely plenty of time! The island is tiny, you could walk around the perimter in about 10 minutes (and that would be at a very slow place). There is a church on the island but entry costs 6 euros. Instead, we decided to sit on the seats at the island café and watch all the boats go by.


Bled Castle – if you’re walking around the perimeter of the lake, you’ll probably come across signs pointing upwards towards Bled Castle. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I absolutely love a castle and will never pass up an opportunity to visit one. Bled Castle cost 13 euros to enter and, although it does look pretty from below, it definitely was not worth 13 euros. We arrived at the castle about 3pm (the castle was shutting at 6pm) and nearly everything was shut… The café was shut, the museum was shut, the souvenir shop was shut. The only things open were the wine cellar and the restaurant. Although we did walk around the castle and enjoyed the view, it definitely is not worth the 13 euros entry fee and I would recommend just admiring it from below.


To Eat

There are two restaurants I would highly recommend at Lake Bled.

We ate at Pizzeria Rustika after visiting the castle, and a pizza was exactly what we needed. Their menu is very extensive, featuring all sorts of toppings. Prices vary between 9 and 14 euros for a pizza. The restaurant is very cosy inside and definitely worth the amount of times we got lost trying to find it (just be aware, it is on a small side road and quite difficult to find!)

We also at Ostarija Peglez’n which was very close to our hotel. The decor inside is crazy, full of love-hearts, Christmas decorations and stuffed teddy bears (no idea why…) but the food is absolutely delicious and the wine very cheap and good. We shared the octopus salad to start, and I then had the seafood risotto. My boyfriend definitely had food envy after my risotto came out… The restaurant very much has a “family feel” and the clashing prints and decoration definitely make it  feel like you’re in your nan’s living room (in the nicest way possible).


Have you ever visited Lake Bled?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoë xx


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