I Joined My Local Library! (Why Supporting your Local Library is GREAT)

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I joined my local library and now I can’t think why I hadn’t done this sooner.

I’d grown up in libraries near my hometown, spending hours looking through the bookshelves after school until my mum got fed up of walking around and had to drag me out.

I really enjoy my Saturday morning visits, browsing the shelves and spending (on average) an hour trying to decide which books I want to borrow and which books I can save for another rainy day.

Though I love it, my local library isn’t the best; they don’t have too many books and it’s quite small.

That got me thinking, libraries are massively under-funded in the UK and most are facing cuts. I would hate to see my library disappear, so I’ve thought of some great reasons why we should all support our local book hideaway.

  • A library is the perfect place for people who can’t afford to regularly buy books to still read
  • Libraries help to develop the habit of reading and knowledge development – they’re great for learning about anything and everything!
  • A library is much much more than just a place for books; it can be a professional and/or personal space, a place for development and healthcare, study, a safe space, a space to meet people, to attend classes and to socialise – the role that a library can play in a community is monumental!
  • One of the only things in this world that are free!
  • It’s much cheaper to order books you want to read into your local library than having to order them off Amazon (especially when, like me, you’re trying to declutter your life)
  • Libraries are nice places to chill in silence with a good book – there’s so many different worlds at your fingertips
  • A library can be a massive help to anyone struggling at school or at home, whether that’s through after-school classes, tutoring, a safe space, a place to meet new friends, a place to escape…

Do you support your local library?

Thanks for reading!

Love Zoë xx


6 thoughts on “I Joined My Local Library! (Why Supporting your Local Library is GREAT)

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  1. Nice one! Library’s are so important to the community and to our social systems. I live in Australia where our libraries are flourishing at the moment, moving in different directions but alsostaying the same by providing books for everyone. We have a wonderful system in south Australia Called SA LIBRARY NETWORKS and it’s where anyone can request a book and it will be searched in the database, found in any of the 250+ libraries around our large state then sent to your local library. If it is not found then librarians put in a request to purchase it. All for free. I am very grateful for our librarians.

    Great blog. I enjoy reading about your reading .

    From Tricia

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    1. Hi Tricia,
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Wow, that sounds great and Australia seem to be doing some AMAZING things for libraries and encouraging everyone to read. Wish it was the same here and the government realised the worth of investing in libraries…


  2. Libraries are also of great benefit to the community, holding events and activities for everyone! My local village library was in danger of being closed down a couple of years ago and only with a lot of campaigning and support by the village was it allowed to remain open. I’m glad it did because I didn’t fancy having to treck 45 minutes into my nearest town to use their library! I also use it a lot more now, not just for books but for the groups that run out of there.

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    1. That’s great to hear! I’ve not attended any events at my local library yet but I’d definitely be interested in doing so! Completely agree, just wish the government would realise the benefit of investing in libraries!


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