May Favourites

Hi everyone,

This is a bit later than I would normally like to post my monthly favourites, but better late than never!

Eighth Grade (film)


This was such a cute, feel-good film that explores the awkwardness of your pre-puberty years. It follows Kayla Day, a student in middle-grade as she tries to find her place in the world.

Although this film is based in America, it really shows that the feelings we all felt when we were 12/13 (awkwardness, embarrassment, navigating the world of boys and trying to balance your studies, choosing your friends and peer pressure…) are universal themes. The film is directed by Bo Burnham who says, “a regular day to an eighth grader often feels like life and death”. That definitely felt real for me.



Disenchantment (TV)

I’m not normally one for cartoons; I always fall asleep during Family Guy, I kind of missed that Simpsons phase that everyone seemed to go through, and I’ve never really got into Rick and Morty.

But Disenchantment I loved! I have a sneaky suspicion that it might have something to do with it being set in medieval times…

Disenchanment follows the adventures of Bean, Luci and Elfo (three very unlikely friends). It’s such a great show to watch to chill out in the evening and relax to.


Inversion practice in yoga


If I’ve got a spare five minutes, you’ll always find me upside down somewhere. I’ve been hoping to incorporate some inversions into my yoga practice for a long time now, but I’d always been too scared, didn’t really like the feeling of going upside down, and was always worried I would do some less-than-impressive flop on the floor. Afer probably a month of constant practice and always leaving five minutes at the end of my flow to try out a headstand, I have finally managed it! And it’s great! Among its benefits are: improves flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, improves circulation, strengthens shoulders and core, and gives you a boost in energy.

The world does look more interesting upside down…



Essential oils

I know I mentioned my oil diffuser in one of my previous favourites, but now I’ve found another use for my quickly-growing collection of essential oils. I’ve really been enjoying making homade sprays. I’ve made them for my face (to wake me up a bit and to refresh me), for cleaning, to spray on my pillow to help me sleep, to spray on my yoga mat before a practice…

I just fill up one of those travel spray bottles you can get in Superdrug or Boots, fill it with water pretty much to the top and add a few drops of whichever essential oil you need.

There are plenty of recipes and oil combinations that you can find online, so choose the one you like and spray it everywhere.

Doughnut Time


I tried Doughnut Time for the first time this month and honestly, I haven’t thought about much else…

It was definitely worth the price (and perhaps even the £4.50 price tag that comes with it).

I went for “Sia Later” (that’s another thing, their doughnuts have such cool names!) which is a red velvet doughnut with buttercream frosting and freeze-dried raspberries.


Thanks for reading.




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