Struggles of a Recent Graduate *UPDATE

Hi everyone,

I’m stating the obvious here by acknowledging that I haven’t been writing much on my blog. The main reason for this is that I have spent most of my time job hunting and, consequently,  struggling to find a job. (I’m hoping this post doesn’t turn too much into a rant about the job market).

I graduated in July from a good university with a good degree. Though summer seems worlds away now, I know that I enjoyed it. I went on holiday, met up with friends, read a lot and worked part-time to get a little bit of money. I always said that I would start “properly” applying for jobs once I returned from my holiday in September. By “properly” applying I mean going for jobs that I really wanted; what I wanted to turn into a career. I was constantly telling myself that there was no point applying so early on because I wouldn’t be able to accept them and then have to leave to go on a long holiday. Little did I know the amount of time I would spend applying for jobs meant that I probably should have started earlier…

I started applying for jobs in early-September. It’s now the end of November and I don’t have a job yet. In fact, during the 2 months of applying for jobs (non-stop might I add), I have only received ONE call-back. The amount of jobs I have applied for is now probably nearing to 100 and it’s definitely disheartening to apply for so many and receive only ONE response back. I haven’t even received many rejection emails as that’s something companies don’t tend to do anymore. They prefer to just ignore you OR send you a standard email somewhere along the lines of “we appreciate you applying, but unfortunately we’ve decided to move forward with another candidate”.

I don’t want this post to appear like I have a vendetta against university; I don’t. I imagine if you’ve thought a lot about what you want to do and have actively made steps towards that during your time at university then graduate life will probably be a lot easier for you and your degree worthwhile.

It’s disheartening to see so many job adverts saying how much experience you need when no one will give you a chance to gain any experience. It’s disheartening to be rejected for jobs that don’t require a degree (not that I think I’m special and deserve these jobs just because I have a degree. Definitely not). It’s disheartening to get to the final stage of an interview, the employer to tell you that you have the job and they’ll be in contact in a couple of days only for them to never contact you. It’s disheartening to be back living at home with your parents… I’m very grateful that I have a roof over my head and food to eat but it’s such a huge change from the independence and freedom you feel whilst at university. It’s disheartening to watch others around you succeed while you seem to be taking steps backwards in your life.

I know a lot of people joke around about graduate life and the unemployed graduate but I really think it should be taken seriously for how overwhelming it can be and how much energy and perseverance you have to somehow find within yourself to keep applying for jobs and keep getting rejected.

I hope this helps anyone else who might be struggling with graduate life.

I’ve finally written my thoughts down and given myself a kick up the backside to get going with my blog again so hopefully more posts will be coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

Zoe xx





13 thoughts on “Struggles of a Recent Graduate *UPDATE

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  1. It really is a tough time, I remember it well. It was so annoying saying they only wanted experienced people.But, I always found it odd then they retrained them in how THEY do it. So what is the point of needing all the experience.

    Anyway, keep your chin up. It is a difficult time for sure and you have every right to be upset and disheartened. But a great opportunity and a company that really wants you will popup.

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    1. Thank you for this comment! It’s so frustrating but good to know that other people have felt the same way as I have. I feel so naive that I never thought the job search would be this difficult. The most annoying thing is that I had a few interviews with a company, they told me they were very happy to employ me and would get back in touch a couple of days after to sort out the contract stuff. They never attempted to contact me with the good or bad news and have been ignoring all my attemps to get in touch with them! Very annoying but I’ve just got to persevere 🙂

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  2. This is something I still struggle with and it upsets me to the extent I constantly think “what’s the point in it all?” Every application I send off is ignored or rejected, experience is needed in order to get experience for a job, and I’m too emotionally drained dealing with difficult family life to give myself the pep talks needed to sort everything out. It annoys me that at 18/19, I had everything planned. I knew what I wanted and how I’d do it, but naively I didn’t have a contingency for if things changed along the way like they very much did. People keep saying to me, ‘oh, why don’t you do this?’ ‘why don’t you do that?’ and “you have to do this otherwise you’ll never get anywhere” and I know they have good intentions but it doesn’t help, especially if the ‘well-meaning advice’ is from a grandparent who refuses to acknowledge the increasing austerity we still have in our area, and that the demand for employment is a lot higher than in other places across the UK. It’s a constant battle which is growing more tiring by the day.

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    1. I agree with you 100%. It’s so frustrating and honestly I just feel so down about it most days. It only takes one person to take a chance on you and employ you and then you can get that experience that they all want. But getting that one person to take a chance is so difficult! One of the main things I find so disheartening about it all is that I’m getting rejected from jobs that you don’t even need a degree from! So I have no idea what kinds of jobs I should be applying for; I get turned down for graduate schemes, turned down for retail jobs… Makes me feel like my degree was a waste of time.


      1. Oh yeah, that’s my experience too. Retail, office jobs… constant rejection. I feel the same with my degree too, and looking back, I was rather naive doing the degree I did. It might have introduced me to my friendship group but it has done completely nothing for my job prospects. I chose it because I initially loved the subjects but it’s not practical at all which makes me regret every single minute of it. If fees were lower, I would seriously go back to uni and do a second more practical degree.

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      2. French and History (with a first year minor in Spanish), with every intention of going into primary teaching and specialising in MFL.


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