There’s no season I love more than Autumn (or Fall if you’re across the pond). There’s something about it that just incites so much inspiration and hopefulness in me. I could talk about, think about and write about Autumn all day.

I wasn’t really sure how this blog post was going to turn out. I had no real plan for it and only knew I wanted to write about Autumn. It’s slightly different for me (creatively) and I have to say that it’s one of my most favourite blog posts ever. I would love to continue writing these for both the months of October and November!

“Autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss”

The sun steps down and the temperatures cool to numbers forgotten in London these past few months. Though summer is killed, the leaves are alive, twirling with a magic brought on by the breeze. Dressed in red, gold, brown and orange, they dance. Curling and drifting. Over fields where corn begins to harvest. Over houses where windows are now firmly shut.

The conkers fall harder and here they lay. A visible sign that change is upon that yellow and gold-tinged horizon. The past of summer left behind them.

The mornings are crisp. Though dimmer and darker, I have no trouble in waking for Autumn ignites my soul. My cosy jumpers are all hung. Sentinel. Burgundy of wine. Green of moss. Brown of damp leaves. Where once they were resting, now they are called to duty.

I step outside. The air is colder than I have felt in a long time. The chill lingers, yet I remain. Looking up. I love the feeling of fresh air, it brings life to my bones. I love the smell of fresh air, it carries promise.

A crow is cawing. Bringing a message. It is Autumn’s Song.

With those first sights of red and orange, my heart skips a beat. The warm, earthy colours light a fire, filling me with a pure happiness. A phenomenon pushing me back down to my roots. Though the temperature may be low, Autumn could never bring a chill to me.

And so it begins. The gateway to Autumn has opened…

Zoe xx



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