Austen August Wrap-Up and Concluding Thoughts

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately Austen August has now come to an end and it’s time for me to wrap-up everything I’ve read. I really loved immersing myself in Jane’s world and felt that I began to understand her, why she writes, what she was really writing and her story so much better.

I only managed to read 3 books (Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma), which was 2 less than I was planning to read. I am definitely going to continue reading the last 2 remaining Austen novels at another point of the year.

My favourite out of the 3 novels I read was definitely Pride and Prejudice; I loved Lizzie and all her sisters, I thought the plot flowed so well and all the characters were well developed. My least favourite of the 3 was Emma. As previously mentioned in my review of the book, I found it to be quite slow in terms of pace and its ability to keep me hooked.

Despite this, I truly did enjoy reading and exploring Austen’s life and I’m so glad that I chose to dedicate August to her story. I think I’m more in love with Austen now than I’ve ever been before. I’m even considering dedicating another month to another author (perhaps a Dickens December…?).

As I’m currently on holiday, blog posts will resume properly from the 11th September. Hope you all have an amazing couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading!

Zoë xx

4 thoughts on “Austen August Wrap-Up and Concluding Thoughts

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  1. Pride and Prejudice is definitely the best novel out of those three. In fact I always think Emma and Mansfield Park are her weaker novels, or they are for me, as I couldn’t get into them in the same way. I hope you enjoy Persuasion and Northanger Abbey when you get around to them!

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      1. Yes, I have. I really liked both of them but Northanger Abbey was my favourite out of the two. It has a really different feel to it, and you get to see more of Jane Austen herself in the novel which was nice.

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