How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Hi everyone,

Another chatty blog post for you all today!

Since finishing university, my reading rate hasn’t exactly been what I expected. I always really look forward to summer; endless reading, hot weather…

Though the weather has been great so far in England (I hope I don’t jinx it by saying that), it definitely took me quite a while to get back into the habit and enjoyment of reading!

Here’s some tips that I found really worked well…

#1 Re-read an old favourite

Harry Potter was always my go-to when I was in a reading slump, but any childhood favourite book works the same! Reading books from my childhood instantly lifts my mood and I no longer feel any negativity around reading.

#2 Setting reading goals

Hmm, this is a tip that can potentially work but can also completely de-motivate you. I used to be very goal-oriented and so setting myself a goal of finishing a book in a week would really motivate me to do it. However, nowadays I have much more of a relaxed and chilled-out attitude towards reading. I don’t care how long a book takes me to read as long as I’m enjoying it and getting something from the experience, but it might work for you!

#3 Change the book you’re reading

Not every book will be perfect for the mood you’re in at that exact time. On many occasions, I’ve had to change the book I’m reading because I’m just not feeling it at that particular point. And that’s fine! It’s better to find the perfect book and one that will motivate and inspire you, rather than wasting your time on a book that’s making you feel even more negative.

#4 Re-organise your bookshelves

You might just find some books you’ve forgotten you had! A cluttered bookshelf can really mess with your mind and your attitude towards reading. After just returning from university, my bookshelves are currently in a right mess… (must put tidying shelves on my to-do list).

#5 Watch booktube

This is something that I’ve found really helpful. It makes me feel so motivated to watch other book-fanatics recommend, review and talk about all their favourite (and not-so-favourite) books. Their excitement kind of rubs off on you. After watching a booktube video, I come away with lists and lists of books I want to read.

#6 Find the perfect reading spot

This might be in the garden, in your bed, on the sofa, in a park, by a river… Whatever it is, make sure you’re comfortable and you want to sit there and enjoy yourself. Finding yourself a designated reading area really helps to put you in the right frame of mind for a good ol’ reading sesh.

Thanks for reading some of my top tips for getting out a reading slump. If only I could follow my own advice…

What are some of your top tips for making reading a more positive experience again?

Zoe xx

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