What University Has Taught Me + My Experiences

Hi everyone,

Once again, sorry for the delay in blog posts. I have been busy packing up my university house, moving back home and making graduation plans because, yes, I’m finally graduating! I received my final grades the other day and am beyond happy with the results!

The past three years have gone by so quickly (seriously, I feel like I’ve blinked and now I’m graduating…). I can’t quite believe that I’m at the point where I’m writing about my university experience. There aren’t enough words to try and describe how I feel about my university life, but this blog post will hopefully be an attempt at that!

**(hopefully this post won’t put anyone off going to university haha! Going to university is a personal decision and your experiences will likely be completely different from mine!)**

Here are a few things that my university experience has taught me!

#1 You cannot learn life through a textbook

I thought that, before starting university, these three years were going to be completely different from secondary education. You get more freedom, you’re studying a subject you want to study, there’s more choice…. Though not all the lessons you learn whilst at university come from a book, there are still rigid requirements you must attend to whilst writing an essay / writing in an exam. Before starting university I, perhaps vulnerably, believed that you could write anything you wanted, be creative, write something more subjective and you would be applauded for it. Nope. University is very practical, logical and academic, despite describing themselves as the opposite. For me, this was too restrictive for what I wanted to do. I wanted to make unviersity my own experience and learn in a way that I wanted; not being constantly told what to do. I genuinely think that the main portion of my learning and experience whilst at university has come from things like living alone, looking after myself, meeting different people…

#2 You won’t magically transform into a new person at unviersity

I think I saw university as a way for me to completely change myself from secondary school. I thought in my first-year I would be so confident and really sociable. Parties every week did not happen and I was happy with that. Don’t try to re-invent yourself at university. Definitely step out of your comfort zone a little bit (if you want to!) but, if you go to a university party and you don’t like it then don’t go again. Simple as. You’ll find people you want to spend time with and people who like doing the things you like. Your university experience, whatever experience you have, will change you and develop you as a person regardless!

#3 Graduate life is scary

I know everyone wants to believe this idea that once you graduate and have been through 3+ years at university, you’ll happen to be a sophisticated graduate with an amazing job and everything will be incredible. It’s more than likely that this won’t happen. You’ll graduate, move back home (which in itself is weird after so many years of independence) and have no idea what to do with yourself. I am still at this stage but I am very lucky that I started university with my boyfriend and am now graduating with my boyfriend (hi James, if you’re reading!), as well as a handful of great friends! We’re on this graduate-life journey together and that feels great!

University has taught me a lot of things; how to be independent, to meet new people (and how to deal with people I don’t particularly like), to look after myself and my health, to be responsible (meal-planning and booking doctor’s appointments are just a few examples haha)… I already knew how to remember facts, how to read textbooks, how to analyse papers and how to regurgitate this information during an exam; I’d been doing that all throughout secondary school. For me, the real experiences of university has come from outside of the institution.

Love, Zoe




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