Hi everyone,

I know that some of you won’t have even noticed that I was M.I.A from this blog all throughout April and May! But unfortunately, university work/exams/dissertation just completely took over any spare time I had. Although I may have had time to write a quick blog post here and there, I really didn’t want to put out half-hearted posts that I hadn’t been able to spend much time on. Sadly, this meant that I just didn’t post anything at all. However, university is now officially over for me; all my exams are completed, my dissertation and all my coursework is handed in and I’m both eagerly and worryingly waiting for the results to come in at the end of June.

For now, I have the whole summer ahead of me. I graduate in July, I have a few trips planned this summer and the rest of the time I hope to dedicate to re-igniting a love for my blog.

I have so many ideas brainstormed for this blog and I really can’t wait to get going with them and to (finally) get to able to use some of my creativity after such a stressful exam period.

Thanks for sticking around, if you did! More posts coming soon!

Zoe xxx

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