Why I Prefer the Harry Potter Books to Movies…

Hi everyone,

This is officially my last “Harry Potter month” blog post and what better way to end than telling you the reasons why I prefer the Harry Potter books in comparison to the movies.

Of course, that’s not to say that I don’t LOVE the movies. I do. They hold a very special place in my heart, but they just don’t compare to the pure magic and escapism of the books.

For me, there’s more atmosphere in the books. The descriptions of the changing seasons, all the secret passages in Hogwarts, the friendship and love between the characters is so much more beautiful in the books. You’re able to actually feel the magic.

I think the movies miss out a lot of the details. Understandably. It would be impossible to fit in all the information from the books in the space of around 2.5 hours (if you want to check out my previous post on the moments left out of the Harry Potter movies that annoy me the most, then click here!)

The books explain everything. They’re more cohesive and they flow beautifully. Everything about the magical world is explained and justified, whereas the films act as an insight into the wizarding world. I can’t image what it would be like watching the films without having read the books. Would I fully understand everything? Probably not, yet the detailed understanding and the comprehension of the world is what makes it so magical.

It’s the same with the characters. Certain characters are portrayed so beautifully in the books. Yet, on the screen is another matter entirely. The prime example here would by Ginny Weasley. Her book version is feisty, sassy, brave, bold and talented. Film Ginny is more passive and there to serve the romantic storyline between her and Harry (this is fine, but she has so much more to her that the films don’t show!) There’s more time for development of characters in the books; you can really understand how their past affects their present and this is often skated over in the films.

The combination of the development of the characters, the atmosphere and the impeccable attention to detail in the books, in my opinion, really do make them so much more magical, entertaining and beautiful pieces of literature. The quality of writing is superb. You honestly do feel like you’re part of the story; rushing down to the library with Hermione, going to see Hagrid for a cup of tea, climbing up the tower all the way to Divination class…

But, as JK Rowling said, “whether you come back by the page or the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” ❤

Thank you so much for reading and following along with my Harry Potter month! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts and opinions as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them down.

Zoe xx


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  1. I’m so glad you mentioned Ginny! My first thought when I saw this blog post title was, “If she doesn’t mention how they don’t do Ginny justice, I will!” Haha. The movies are great, but the books are phenomenal.

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