My Top 7 Characters from Harry Potter

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve had a tiny hiatus with this Harry Potter month I’m doing (blame going back to university and starting a dissertation), but I’m now finally back on track!

So here’s my top 7 characters from the Harry Potter books and films, in no particular order!

#1 Hermione Granger

I’d even go as far to say that Hermione Granger wasn’t just one of my favourite characters from Harry Potter, but was also probably my role model when I was a child. As a child it was probably the first time I’d ever encountered a strong-minded, intelligent and loyal character that wasn’t the damsel in distress. And I loved it! I could probably write a whole blog post on my love for Hermione.

#2 Hagrid

The Golden Trio’s most loyal and protective friend, there’s no wonder that Dumbledore entrusted Hagrid with all his most important and secretive tasks. I really don’t think Hagrid gets enough love; he’s had some of the best storylines (let’s not forget Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback, Aragog…)

#3 Sirius Black

The fact alone that he managed to escape from Azkaban and still maintain convinced in his innocence is reason enough to love Sirius! He’s a massively flawed character and I think maybe that’s why I love him so much! I hate the fact that he was taken away from Harry so young; they’d barely spent any time together to develop their relationship. One of the saddest moments of the whole series…

#4 Dobby

Ah, lovely Dobby! His only goal was to protect Harry and he did it in such an endearing and heart-warming way that it’s hard to not love him!

#5 Luna Lovegood

I love both Hermione and Luna, but Luna is just the complete opposite of Hermione. Where Hermione is logical, Luna is very much led by her emotions. Luna’s dreamy and open-minded whereas Hermione doesn’t believe anything that she’s not read in a book. I love Luna’s uniqueness and how she’s so fantastical (in her fashion choices and her beliefs!)

#6 Neville Longbottom

I’ve always had a soft spot for Neville. I’m always drawn to characters that are bullied or often put-down and Neville was no exception (much like Luna!) I genuinely think he has one of the best progressions of any character in the story. From his first year when he stood up to Harry, Ron and Hermione and earned Gryffindor 10 house points, all the way to his last year where he re-instated Dumbledore’s Army and constantly fought Snape and the Carrows. He’s the perfect example of what I imagine Gryffindor’s to be like; loyal, kind, humble, caring, brave (but not during every waking moment of their life). I hate that he’s always looked down on by people! Again, I could probably write a whole other blog post on my love for Neville.

#7 Minerva McGonagall

Another badass female character! Besides the fact that she can turn into a cat whenever she wants, she’s also sassy (particularly towards Dolores Umbridge), brutally honest but also has a kind, motherly side towards Harry. She’s basically his fairy godmother.

So there we have it! My top 7 favourite characters from Harry Potter. Please let me know your favourite characters in the comment section!

Zoe xx


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