My Year Round-Up

Hi everyone,

I’ve been putting off writing this blog post for a few days now, just because I know I’m probably going to be setting myself unachievable goals for 2018.

In 2017 I wanted to read more, get better grades at university, start this blog, have a part-time job, go to the gym more, enjoy going out with friends often, join a few societies at university, develop a career plan for myself and get involved with internships and work placements for this, reach 1000 followers on Instagram… Frankly, all of these goals just didn’t work for me. I couldn’t keep up. I found myself obsessing over achieving a few of them before the year was up (such as reaching 1000 followers on Instagram) and it’s only been the past few months that I’ve realised that I just don’t care (to put it bluntly). So this year my goals are going to be slightly different.

Of course I still want to achieve good results at university and really try and push myself in that sense. I do still want to continue blogging, but I’m under no illusion that I can put my all into this blog whilst being in my third and last year of university, whilst working a part-time job.

I’ve set myself the very modest goal of reading a minimum of 30 books this year. I know this may not seem like a lot (I see people setting 75+ books for themselves to read), but I think with a dissertation and university reading to do, this seems the most achievable for me. I also really want to continue blogging. I’ve loved the past few months on here and I’m so happy I chose to start this blog one August summer evening! Hopefully I’ll even be able to read some of the (minimum) 30 books I read in 2018!

It’s the penultimate day of 2017 and I have not reached 1000 followers on Instagram. I’m on 970. And I’m super happy with that purely for the fact that I’m happy with the photographs I take and the photos I upload. I don’t want to feel pressured to reach a certain number of followers, as if that somehow equates success. I don’t want to feel pressured to only post certain photos that are deemed “fashionable” or “pretty”.

I have so many ideas planned out for this blog and really can’t wait to get going! I have planned out a “Harry Potter Month” for the month of January; there will (hopefully) be 8 posts, with the first one starting on the 2nd January.

I hope you stick around to read more about me and the books I read.

Thank you for all the support this 2017,

Zoe xx


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