10 Reasons Why the Book is ALWAYS Better

Hi again everyone!

The age-old question. Book or movie? I love both but, for me, the book normally comes out on top. I’ve collated ten reasons down below why I think this is the case. Enjoy!

  1. You dedicate more time to a book so develop a stronger connection to the characters and plot
  2. A film just restricts the creative limits of the book by trying to compress all the details into 1.5 hours
  3. It’s near impossible to evoke the same feelings from the writing onto the screen as things get lost in translation from book to film
  4. Most likely, the film will never be like how you imagined it from reading the book…
  5. …but then people have different perspectives of what the film should be like and it can never please everyone!
  6. Normally, films are made specifically for Hollywood and with such a focus on commercialisation, films can lose a lot of authenticity from the book
  7. Books last longer than films!
  8. Unfortunately, the characters we love so much in books can be destroyed by rubbish acting. Wouldn’t want to mention any names…
  9. Books leave more to the imagination and keep your mind alive
  10. When reading a book, you’re reading what the author intended and how it was supposed to be understood. Whereas for a film, you’re watching the result of so many different people’s inputs

So there we have it! Those are the reasons that I believe make the book ALWAYS better than the film. Of course there are some book adaptations that I think are wonderful, despite these reasons!

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

Zoe x


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