A little introduction…

Hi there!

So I thought it was about time that I actually wrote something on this blog. I have definitely procrastinated writing this first post for fear of mucking it up and embarrassing myself but as I’ve been embarrassing myself for pretty much 22 years now, why change a habit of a lifetime haha?

I guess you could say I am, and have always been, a bookworm. When I was younger that was all I wanted to do. My tiny pink room was packed full of books, I used to spend all my pocket money at the Scholastic Book Fair and my mum never had to warn me about getting square eyes from watching too much TV because I would much rather have been reading!

As I entered secondary school I started to think more and more that reading was not cool (as certain girls in my class were kind enough to remind me so), but I’ve never been short of willpower and never thought being “cool” was all that great to be honest, so I continued my passion for literature. I reveled in the hours I spent in class studying Shakespeare and Dickens. Even though everybody else hated it. I started to understand more and more the kinds of books I liked. Even though nobody else could be bothered. I felt like I found something that not only made me smart but it truly made me happy.

Fast forward to university. During my first year (studying something that, to my own fault and big mistake, was not English Literature) I felt guilty that I had been neglecting one of my favourite things to do; reading. Neglecting it in favour of scouring academic journals and newspaper articles and pretending like I knew what they meant or was even interested in finding out… I always looked forward to the summer because I knew I could go hell for leather on the reading (and reading books I wanted to, but not books I had to!)

Now, I like to think that I’ve struck a good balance between my university reading and reading for pleasure. So there’s no perfect time than any for me to start this book blog! I don’t want to put any pressure on myself to write weekly; I know that once I begin my third year at university I will, to my dismay, have a lot less time to read. However, I’ll definitely be giving it my best shot and hope you stick along for the ride. There will, of course, be book reviews as well as book hauls, book recommendations and I’ll even introduce you to some of my favourite bookshops in England!

Many thanks for reading my first ever post!

Zoe x





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  1. It’s always nice to be able to strike a balance between third-year university work and normal reading. I had to read a lot of set texts for my specific French and History modules during that year so it was great when I had the chance to pick up a book and just enjoy reading without having to be analytical or make any notes.

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